I am a Philosophy and Computer Science major at Dartmouth College. My definition of philosophy is to think out all the views of the universe and of man's place in it. Not only can scientific hypotheses verify these truths, but these views determine the basis of science. So what I love to do is not just armchair thinking: it's implementing what we believe to have proven possible.

I've had some experience coding. I really enjoy doing it. I find myself coding until 4am sometimes. The only other thing that I've done until 4am and enjoyed doing was talking with a friend or two about Grigoryan chants, religion, and anime. And there aren't many friends to do that every weekend... Anyways, here are some coding projects I've done, for companies or with smaller groups.

(Ongoing, Winter 2015-)

I built a website for a pair of Dartmouth professors which allows linguists to upload audio/text files and receive further linguistic analysis on the audio, such as vowel formants. We have servers running in Apache and lighttpd. I used python (via the webpy library) to write the static server-side code. I also wrote bash and cron scripts to run the linguistic analysis files for batch processing.

Wonder Workshop
(Summer 2016)

I pulled, cleaned, then stored data from Wonder Workshop's Android and iOS apps into a postgreSQL RDBS. I made queries to track overall application usage across different pivots (os platforms, device sizes, and calculated user demographics) as well as user behavior within the application to help drive content revision/bug fixes in the apps. I created a website written in NodeJS + Typescript to display some of the data. The dashboard is viewable for those with authorization (i.e. part of the Wonder Workshop team).

(Spring 2016)

I and a few other programmers teamed up with Dartmouth business school students to work on Heartstring, a music-discovery app that unites video and sound. It is an app that allows users to take videos/multiple photos and pick different track clips to best accompany the shots. I implemented the Google Cloud Vision API to guess the facial expressions in the shots and match them to music in the app's existing library. I also initiated the move from housing the music files in-app to storing them in a Firebase database.

Girl Rising
(Winter 2015)

I helped build an internal staff website application for Girl Rising that allowed for self-hosted resources and statistics, increasing organization and file-versioning. We housed metadata with MongoDB and stored files in AWS S3 buckets. I worked full-stack on this application, with server written in Scala and client with the AngularJS framework. What I really enjoyed about this experience is that while building the application, I got direct feedback from my coworkers for improvement on features we implement. I even got to use the application myself after collecting demographic research for the company's film launch in India.

Streamline Health
(Summer 2014)

As a software developer intern, I designed modules for a web-based application that manages Electronic Health Records for physicians, running on the Microsoft SQL Server and .NET framework. I got full stack development experience, building in C# and using Microsoft Visual Studio for the front end.

I collect lots of quotes! Here are some of the ones I've kept with me over the years.

How wide is the present? How deep? How much of it is yours to keep?

- Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

The person who looks forgets that people may look at him.

- Jean Paul Sartre, Baudelaire

Even pain can be confessed, but to confess happiness is to stand naked, delivered to the witness.

- Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

In an age when we have more choice, more mobility, more information, more opportunity to fulfill ourselves, how is it that people can prefer to be identical?

- John Brunner, The Shockwave Rider

Integrity cannot be purchased. Show up and have the courage to do the right thing.

- Leymah Gbowee

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

When we live such fragile lives, it's the best way we survive.

- All American Rejects, Dirty Little Secret

To love without know how to love wounds the people we love.

- Thích Nhat Hanh

We do not know if love or hatred scorch us.

- Goethe, Faust

I have therefore found it necessary to deny knowledge, in order to make room for faith.

- Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason

Send me goodies of your own (names of books, movies, mangas, awesome people, anything really) if you want!

I play piano and oboe. In the realm of classical music, Debussy is my man. Stravinsky is making moves on me though. I also listen to a lot of other genres too. Here's an assorted list of old favorites and new loves:

Vampire Weekend

  • Modern Vampires of the City, each song, in order
  • I think Ur a Contra, Contra
  • Walcott, Vampire Weekend

Punch Brothers

  • Lots from Who's Feeling Young Now? esp. Kid A cover and Don't Get Married Without Me

Sufjan Stevens

  • He is beautiful. Every single piece is beautiful.
  • For more folksy: Seven Swans, Carrie and Lowell
  • For more weird: Age of Adz

Portugal. the Man

  • Creep in a T-Shirt, Evil Friends

The Sound Defects

  • The Iron Horse
  • New artist for me!


  • Luv(sic) - Yeah I know. Basic.

Local Natives

  • They're an old band but I'm just starting to listen.
  • Camera Talk, World News, and Airplane, Gorilla Manor

Arcade Fire

  • I used to fall asleep to Funeral sans Neighborhood #2. Still hate it.
  • Joan of Arc, Reflektor, and Oh Orpheus, Reflektor


  • Something You Misplaced, The Thoughts That Give Me the CreepsWould it Kill You?
  • Emo rock always has song titles that are too long.

Besides music, I like hiking and climbing. Being from Illinois and going to New Hampshire for school makes one always in awe of mountains. My goals for the next year are to complete a 10b climb without falling, lead climb, and to hike Mt. Washington. My goals for life are Mount Blanc and Mount Fuji.